3 Levels of “Virtual dating” but in the form of playing a game❤

Romance could be so beautiful

In Eye-c-you. the word Dating is unique as we are simply playing a dating game. Although, you may, indeed, find your soulmate while playing the game, be minded that we are not a DATING website.

On that note, our Dating game will have 3 levels, and each of them has their own twists, turns and curves to go through. If you go through it all without dumping your date earlier based from his/her attitude and Zodiac sign incompatibility with yours or maybe if you did not get dumped yourself because of the choices you describe in your ( ABOUT) page that scares the hell of others , then you might succeed at your quest.

from which you will pick select few descriptions features to describe what you would do and where you would take him/her on your first date ,and what would happen next if you two lovingly find each other’s attractive.

Virtual Dating >>> click here on ( THE GAME ) coming soon

2) Virtual Engagement >>> click here on ( taking it to the next level) coming soon

As you all know that getting engage is the primary step that shows we are serious with each other as it also the first step toward marriage. This is the time during which we would both learn if we gonna be future husband and wife. Well because it is Such the game plan here in Eye-c-you Virtual dating , let see how you do by creating your profile and start looking at whose profile you gonna choose to invite playing the dating game with you.


3) Virtual matrimony >>> click here on ( Family & life Security ) coming soon

Be mindful that you must be 18 years old and over to take part in our virtual dating gaming environment. Because we need you to stay safe we will provide you fun games, questions and descriptions to choose from right in the comfort of your home and in your URL to make all your virtual dating fantasies come true. Now let see who has the ( Hot) for you and how long can both, you and your new date would be able to hang tight onto each other until you reach the successful life of a true, real life power couple

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what does Marriage mean to you?
1) First we must be aware of that Marriage is the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and a woman
followed by all these rules: you must Commit to love one another at its core, you must also commit to
Sexual Faithfulness. …Oh boy..this where the challenge comes.
you must have
Patience & be able to Forgive.
Must be Honesty and Trust each other …hum, that could be another challenge.
Communication also plays a hell of a part in marriage life.
And Selflessness should be out of the question.

Ok, OK, Ok. Hold your horses, game features are the way…. soon