The rules of dating

In here in eye-c-you, our rules of dating is different than what others think and do since we are not Date matching website but rather playing ( the game of love) instead of really looking for a dates. if we go online today and make a search, chances are we’ll find the below concepts as Rules of Dating

1) Date multiple people at once.

2) Keep dates short.

3) Be upfront about wanting a relationship.

4) Avoid talking about exes on early dates.

5) Don’t feel obligated to send a thank-you text.

6) Give them two weeks to reach out again.

7) Wait at least a few dates to have sex.

Well, I am “Not” sure if any of these above statements hold truth to themselves, but here we’ll be playing with a different sets of dating rules of engagement as the belief for the game is that if we could balance and play a simple “game of love ❤?❤”with honesty, no fraud or lies, maybe we might be truthful and forth coming in our current relationship or the next one coming later in real life. Amen to that ???

  • Rule number 1) eye-c-you’s members are allowed to accept no more that 2 dates request, and that is just for comparison purpose between the 2 and later on could only choose 1 of them. Then again you could choose to accept as many dates request as you wish, but you ‘ll be displayed in the CHEATER’S List, ? Hahaha , you probably had no idea that was coming, and “YES” we do have a cheater’s list on eye-c-you game platform, this is why it calls ” The love game❤” .
  • Rule number 2) If you choose to accept more than 2 dates and do not care to end up in the cheater’s list and your date requester has the choice to A) Keep you and continue playing with you
  • B) dumped you and seek for other players , at that point
  • c) Both of you will be listed for someone else to steal either one of you by requesting a new date invite. ( Satay tune for real features of the game )

About the author: eyecyou2020

IT specialist for over 15 years, creator/designer and CEO ondmoon llc, parent company of
Zodiac sign : Yes, I am a Virgo
Relationships status : Married>>> No date invite for me only friend's request.
I Admire everyone who don’t take Respect for granted

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